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Quality and sustainability are at the heart of all that we do at ARC lore. We invest in understanding the needs of our customers and match that with beautifully crafted goods made from sustainably sourced materials

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Organic Cotton sourced in a sustainable manor to produce the finest of threads
Lindsay Samimi

"I love my new Turkish towel it is lightweight so much easier and lighter to wrap your hair in after a shower than a regular towel and it dries quickly."

Lousie Mydo

"The whole family have your towels with us on the catamaran and we love them."

Pebble Magazine

"Made from organic threads from organic farms, Arc Lore are wrapping up growers, craftspeople, community and consumer in cruelty free comfort." Lust List

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Map of Turkey showing the places of origin and meaning of the names given to the towels in our collection on the ancient silk roads.