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Sustainable Alternatives : A guide to incorporating Turkish towels into your daily rituals

Sustainable Alternatives : A guide to incorporating Turkish towels into your daily rituals

4 July 2020 by Vonnie Conlan

Thinking of sustainable alternatives for your home which don’t compromise on beauty and style? It can be hard to know where to start. Whether you are new to Turkish towels* or perhaps have not thought of using them in the home before, we want to share our expertise with you. Here Vonnie from the Arc Lore team explains the environmental credentials and sustainable design of Turkish towels and takes you through a few factors to consider when choosing the perfect eco-friendly towel for your daily rituals.

1. You can rest assured that you are choosing a product that is kind to the planet  

Turkish towels or hammam towels are flat woven which means they dry quicker than terry towel alternatives, helping you to care for the environment as there is no need for a drier. Arc Lore only uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton threads in their towels. This means that the farming process meets organic farming requirements such as the prohibition of synthetic and hazardous pesticides, fertilisers and GMO seeds. It utilises 91% less water than conventional cotton in the growing process. Under organic farming methods and processes farmers and the surrounding ecosystems are protected from toxins. In addition, the use of crop rotation in organic farming is a natural way to manage pest control, improve soil health, food security and fight against desertification. Organic farming works with the environment and supports biodiversity.

2. You will save space in your home

They are a great space saving idea. Being flat woven they stack easily and take up less space in your cabinets. Our Samimi Maxi is a great option to consider if you are looking to replace your old bathroom towels or as a sustainable alternative for your home. It is the perfect choice for a minimalist lifestyle.

3. How do I choose the best size?

Surprising to most, a typical Turkish towel is larger than the standard bath towel. In the UK the standard is 70 x 120cm,  Arc Lore towels are bath sheets and measure 90 x 170cm giving plenty of coverage and absorbency. Our bath towels are loved by both men and women: the extra coverage without the extra bulk and weight. 

4. What about fabric choice?

    The choice of material will depend on use. For drying bodies and hands, we recommend cotton as the material of choice. High grade cotton, with longer fibers and no exposure to pesticides, produces superior cotton qualities. All our towels are made from 100% organic cotton farmed in Turkey, said to be among the best in the world.

    5. Which towel is right for me?

      Bath Towels 

      Turkish towels come in different sizes, weight and cotton count. We recommend choosing one that is at least 400g for use as a bath towel. This means there is more cotton in the towel which will dry you thoroughly after a steamy bath or a shower and give you that feeling of luxury. Turkish towels are made flat woven which means they are never going to feel full and fluffy like a conventional terry towel which is looped on both sides. However, the organic cotton we use in our towels means they are just as absorbent as a terry towel but without the bulk.

      We recommend the Samimi Maxi from our Home Towel Collection, or for the ultimate in luxury the Loku weighing 550g, it is suitable for those who fancy a plush, weightier feel.

      Samimi Maxi organic cotton bath towel by Arc Lore shown in three different settings: a man wrapping a blue towel around his waist coming out of the shower, a light grey matching bath set hanging dry in the bathroom, a woman wearing a pink bath set having coffee and breakfast in her back garden

      Hair Towel/Turban

      Turkish towels originated from the hammams, or the Byzantine baths. They were made for the bathing rituals that could go on for hours under hot steamy conditions. Smaller pieces were crafted to protect the hair and several centuries later, this ingenious idea is far from obsolete! We recommend a higher cotton count when selecting your hair towel so that moisture is absorbed without leaving you soggy. Our Samimi Mini is the perfect size for a hair towel offering you everyday luxury in your home. One of our customers has said “it is beautifully made and the colour is gorgeous. It’s perfect for wrapping my hair up after a swim or shower”.

      Organic cotton rapid drying hair towel from Arc Lore is wrapped up in style Organic cotton quick drying towel from Arc Lore in the colour "fawn" is super absorbent and elegant Organic cotton hair towel in the colour apricot from Arc Lore is perfect for the bath and post swim Organic cotton hair towel from Arc Lore in the colour light grey is a towel for all your needs

      Hand Towel

      In our passion for smarter and sustainable living, we like pieces that can be multi-use. The Samimi Mini is wonderful to use as a hand towel: it is soft, absorbent and quick drying. Our mini is larger than a conventional hand towel and with colours inspired by nature, it will add an instant splash of style to match any bathroom.

      Organic cotton hand towel by Arc Lore is ultra soft and absorbent. A perfect eco-friendly choice for use around the home. Shown in three scenarios: being held in the hand, hanging on a bath rail and hanging to air dry.

      Baby Bath Towel

      Organic cotton is the natural material of choice for looking after sensitive skin. Made without toxins and harmful pesticides organic cotton is ultra soft, non-allergenic and absorbent. Our Samimi Mini is the perfect size for a burp cloth and to cover public changing matts. It is more absorbent than a muslin but still light enough to carry around and of course a very stylish baby blanket in the pram. Arc Lore customers also like using it to dry off their babies after a bath. It will wash well and stay soft.

      Organic cotton baby towels by Arc Lore is free from toxins and harmful chemicals. Suitable for use on sensitive baby skin and is easy to wash.

      6. Which colours should I choose for my home?

        There are many colours to choose from to match or style your bathroom and personal preference. If you need help choosing the right colour for you, simply write in to us at and Lucy, our creative director will be more than happy to help.

        *read our Q&A for what is a Turkish towel and how are Arc towels different to other Turkish towels.

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