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Places of origin behind the names of Arc Lore organic cotton collection

What is in a name?


18 February 2020 by Vonnie Conlan


The Mydo is one of our lovely beach-ready and travel-ready towels. The name is derived from the ancient city of Myndos which has an 2,500 year history. It is located along the Turkish shore of the south-east Aegean on the Bodrum peninsula and is a place where holiday-makers flock to during the summer months for the beautiful beaches and sunshine. 


The Hara towel is from our active collection and is the perfect stylish towel for your health and fitness lifestyle. We named this towel after the ancient city of Harran, which is about 5,000 years old. The city of Harran was situated on the trade route between the Mediterranean and the plains of the middle Tigris, making it a crossroad city of Mesopotamia. Today, Harran is a significant cotton producing region. The emblem of the city even has a cotton ball, symbolising cotton production on the Harran plains.


The Yalo towel is eye-catching in colour and easily used as a sarong or a stylish scarf. We took the name from the city Yalova which is famous for its thermal springs. From the city of Troy or from Galipoli Bay, head east across the Marmara sea and you’ll reach Yalova. The hot springs, or Turkish baths like the ones you find here, are the birthplace of these flat woven towels, also known as peshtemals in Turkey.


This is a Turkish word used to describe something that is familiar and close, like a pal or a buddy. This describes the way we feel about our towels and the organic cotton journey. From budding cotton balls that have gone through a certified organic process, to a woven towel free from toxins, that you will love using everyday.


Our gorgeous Loku is named after the Turkish delight, Lokum. Some of you might think of it as the powdery sweet used by the White Witch to entice Edmund in the 'Chronicles of Narnia'. In 1777, the sweet's creator, Haci Bekir came to Istanbul from a small town in Anatolia to set up shop. You can still find this shop in Eminonu and to this day it is still a family-run business. 


Our Aegean Bed Throw is named after the Aegean region in Turkey, the coastal region next to the Aegean Sea which flows between Turkey and Greece. This is one of the two regions in Turkey where organic cotton is grown. Organic cotton farmers here are able to capitalise on the mild, wet winters to capture rainwater to be used to irrigate their farms during the hot, dry summers. 

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