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Arc Lore organic cotton towel used after a swoosh wild swimming event

Why we should all start using Turkish Towels

20 November 2019 by Gemma Hellawell

This year I have been doing a bit of swimming. Ok, a lot of swimming. I’ve gone from your casual pool swimmer to an out and out swimming fanatic. From the odd half an hour in the pool, to my first open water marathon swim (that’s a 10km for those of you not as obsessed as I am). I can’t get enough of it. Early summer mornings in crystal clear lakes as the sun rises. Jumping in rivers with friends and being swooshed back to base. Tackling waves, and my fear, to swim around Cornish headlands. This year I have done it all.

In part my obsession with water can be put down to a swim event I took part in early in the summer. The 6km in one of Devon’s finest estuaries was made all the more delightful by a gorgeously sunny weekend. As I emerged from the water triumphant, and a little surprised I’d made it, I was wrapped in a Turkish towel; a gift, a prize, a surprise. Beautifully woven it was soft to the touch and as I began to dry myself with it, I was surprised by how absorbent it was. On that first day I wore it as a sarong as I wandered along the beach basking in the glory of my swimming success and then later as a scarf over celebratory drinks. And I haven’t been seen without it since. It’s the ideal addition to my swimming adventures – towel, rug, sarong, scarf all in one – and it still looks as good as it did at the start of the summer. It either lives folded up in my swim bag or around my neck, but I’ve avoided that musky smell that comes from a slow drying towel, because it is so quick drying. Perfect for a multi-use item.

Now I know for some of you swimming 6km might seem like a step too far for a towel. Thankfully there is an easier way to get your hands on one. The Arc Lore active towel range is perfect for anyone who likes their adventures to involve a bit of H2O here and there. And the fact that they are made from responsibly sourced organic cotton means you can be gentle on the environment even while getting dry from a swim.

Finishing a wild swimming event around Devon wrapped dry by an Arc Lore Turkish towel

Here is my run down of the best:

The Yalo – Lightweight and compact, it’s the perfect size to pop in your bag or wrap around your neck. These stunning towels feature a more intricate design and come in colours not available in the other collections. I can't decide which one I love best, so I think I'll have to have them all!!

beautiful stack of organic cotton towels in five different colours

The Hara – Equally lightweight and compact, these towels feature a gorgeous texture of dots and lines which blend the three-colour pattern of the towels. I think this would be the perfect addition to the 2020 swimming calendar.

An organic cotton towel by Arc Lore hanging over a woven carry bag ready for an outdoor adventure

I have already signed up for a 14km swim next August, so if you see someone emerging from your local lake, river or estuary to dry off with a beautiful Turkish towel, it's probably me. Come and say hi and you can see for yourself how versatile these towels really are.

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