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Our Story

A vast mountain terrain showing deep canyons and jagged rocks.
Arc - an abbreviation of archetype, the way something should be
Lore - as in folklore, the passing of learning or knowledge by word of mouth (*together pronounced ark law)  

The story of Arc Lore started with four friends searching for sustainable alternatives to meet the everyday demands of lifestyle and home. Having found a solution in beautiful Turkish towels, crafted by local artisans, we now share them with you through our Arc Lore collections.

We understand the challenges of finding quality products that are gentle on the environment, without compromising on beauty and design. With this in mind we have invested time visiting and building relationships with our customers and supply chain to ensure that the products you receive are made from the highest quality organic cotton, crafted by local artisans on hand looms to the most beautiful designs, resulting in a product that brings beauty to your life and home. 

There is nothing we love more than being out in and enjoying nature, so we want to bring you products that enhance your time in nature. And when life gets too busy, we like to think that our organic cotton towels bring a fresh breath of nature into your home until the next time you can get exploring again.

Caring for our world is our intention on each stage of our journey from sourcing products to packaging. For us, it’s the way things should be and it’s what we pass onto you – our Arc Lore.

ARC Team

Each of us has a connection to the country Turkey which has a rich history of craftsmanship and is also one of the biggest producers of organic cotton. We have embarked on this adventure, turning our dreams into reality, this is our story, it’s a story of discovery and taking responsibility.

Lucy, Creative Director 

Lucy Cogley Arc Lore art director

With over thirteen years experience in set design and interior styling, Lucy has a keen eye for beauty and detail. She is well-travelled and is fascinated by indigenous communities, ancient practices and processes in craftsmanship. Her family owned a villa in Turkey and during her time staying there she learnt how significant the craft of weaving was to the history and culture of Turkey. Creating a connection between the producer and the user has always been a big part of Lucy's heart. 

Lucy is often spotted adoring her Arc Lore towel post bath or outdoor swim. Her wider family have gradually all become proud owners too! From the grandparents to the babies, there is an Arc Lore towel for everyone.

Simeon, Technical Ops

Simeon Frank Arc Lore technical operations

Comes from a German family but grew up in Turkey, studied in the States and worked for a number of years in the UK for a big software company. He is a tech savvy smooth operator who has a weakness for purchasing weird and wacky snacks whenever he travels. 

Simeon loves to keep active and is often found at the local beach on his work trips when he gets a chance. He finds the lightweight Arc Lore towels an ideal companion in his minimalist work travel kit.

Vonnie, Business Ops & Finance Director

Organic Cotton Towels by Arc Lore team member Vonnie

Having worked for large multinational companies initially in Sydney, then in London this is her first indie venture. Chartered accountant by trade, creative genius by nature. Born in the UK with Malaysian Chinese roots and growing up in Australia, she is certainly a woman of the world. She has always been fascinated by the ancient silk road and the stories of Marco Polo. 

Vonnie would be found with an Arc Lore towel wrapped on her head as a turban after a shower and as a sarong for those lazy days at the beach. She travels light and an Arc Lore towel never fails to appear on her travel essentials checklist for urban style and off-road adventures.

Joseph, Vision & Sourcing

Joseph Conlan Arc Lore business strategist

With almost two decades of history with Turkey, he first came as an 18-year old working for a tourism company. Soon he travelled across Turkey to the east and started to sense that this ancient land was going to be a part of his future. Later he set up his own tourism company in Turkey and has now moved to Istanbul with his wife. When he's not found up a mountain or in the ocean, he loves reading about history and pondering the mysteries of life. 

Joe always has a Mydo towel in his sports bag and loves that his Samimi bath towel dries out quickly and still feels soft after so many washes. 

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