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Product Care

With care, Arc Lore organic cotton towels will last through the years.
We recommend soaking your newly purchased towel in cold water overnight before first use.  This opens up the cotton strands and helps to maximise the absorbency of the towel.
Gentle wash
Machine wash on a gentle or delicate cycle with like colors and in cold water, or to a maximum of 40 C.
A natural, plant-based laundry detergent is best. We recommend Clothes Doctor or Ecozone for a selection of biodegradable formulas. For ease, you can also use whatever detergent you have at home, just a small amount is enough.
Fabric conditioners reduce the absorbency of the cotton and are therefore not recommended. When needed, non-chlorine bleaches like Ecover are best since chlorine can cause blotches or discoloration and weaken the natural fibres.
Turkish towels or hammam towels are quick drying so we recommend to let the towels air-dry on their own rather than tumble drying. It is better for the environment and the towel. If you are in a hurry, tumble dry on low heat and on short cycle.
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