Who We Are

What is in a name?

We chose the name ARC as an abbreviation to the word archetype, the way something should be. We believe in ideals and that products should be made with those ideals in mind.

The purpose it is made for, the way it makes people feel and the benefit that has been made to the craftsman and the land where it is sourced.  These ideals are what we are looking for in our goods.

We combined the word ARC with the word LORE. Lore is the passing of information from one generation to the next. This is the heart of real craftsmanship, the master and the apprentice, the impartation of knowledge and experience. We believe that we are stewards of this planet and so the circles that surround our brand are there to symbolise an overlapping promise that we will alway seek to use sustainable methods to source our goods as well as a commitment to honour the craftsman and those that came before him.

ARC Team

We are four friends who love quality craftsmanship and care about our home the Earth. We realised fairly soon that we shared a common dream of doing a business that is an adventure of discovery, seeking out quality craftsmanship and seeing what products could be made from sustainable materials. 

Each of us has a connection to the country Turkey where three of us now reside. Turkey has a rich history of craftsmanship and is also one of the biggest produces of Organic cotton. The Ottoman communities were known for producing fine products to the honour of themselves and to the communities they represented. Istanbul was the connection point of the East with the West where fine fabrics were traded across the silk road. We have now embarked on the this adventure turning our dreams into reality seeking products from Turkey and beyond, this is our story, it’s a story of discovery and taking responsibility.

Organic Cotton Towels by Arc Lore team member Lucy

Lucy, Brand Ambassador 

With over 13 years experience in set design and interior styling, Lucy has a keen eye for beauty and detail. She is well-travelled and is fascinated by indigenous communities, ancient practices and processes in craftsmanship. Her family owned a villa in Turkey and during her time staying there she learnt how significant the craft of weaving was to the the history and culture of Turkey. Creating a connection between the producer and the user has always been a big part of Lucy's heart. Her weakness is stray animals, she would adopt all of them given the chance.

Simeon, Operations & Tech wiz

Comes from a German family but grew up in Turkey, studied in the States and worked for a number of years in the UK for a big software company. He is a tech savvy smooth operator who has a weakness for purchasing weird and wacky snacks whenever he travels. He has  fond memories of exploring places across Turkey growing up and is happy to be able to once again call that country home.

Organic Cotton Towels by Arc Lore team member Vonnie

Vonnie, Project manager & product sourcing

Is the corporate queen having worked for large multinational companies initially in Sydney, then in London. Chartered accountant by trade, creative genius by nature. Being ethnically Malaysian Chinese born in the UK and growing up in Australia she is certainly a woman of the world. She has always been fascinated by the ancient silk road and the stories of Marco Polo. Her weakness is her need to buy rubber ducks as souvenirs when on the road.

Joseph, Strategy & product sourcing

 With almost a 20-year history with Turkey, he first came as an 18-   year old working for a tourism company. He then travelled across   Turkey to the east and started to sense that this ancient land was   going to be apart of his future. Later he set up his own tourism company in Turkey and has now moved to Istanbul with his wife. When he's not found up a mountain or in the ocean, he loves reading about history and pondering the mysteries of life. His weakness is he still believes he can snowboard like he's 18. 

We'd love to hear from you. Contact us at - info@arclore.com

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